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10 Amazing Things to do in Malaga with Your Friends

Arranged along the Costa Del Sol, Malaga is a seaside town famous for the luxurious hotels, seashores and attractive Islands. Throughout the year, this place attracts a large number of visitors because of the unusual things that happened here from Moorish history to the cutting edge time. If you are contemplating arranging a trip to this place with your family or friends, you must settle a plan about which activities you should do here and which sites are to be visited. To help you, we have arranged the 10 finest activities which you can enjoy in Malaga with your friends. Let’s have a look!

Plan a trip to Vamos a la Playa de la Malagueta

Vamos a la Playa de la Malagueta is the main beach of this town where you can enjoy every moment on the soft white sand. Not very far from the town, the beach is full of entertainment options and offer the best beach activities which you can enjoy with your friends.

Enjoy Malaga sports

Malaga sports are famous for their diversity and enjoyment where the sports practice can be done in the coastal town. At Costa Del Sol, you are available with the chances to do peddling, surfing, quad driving while seeing dolphins, rafting and stroll biking. These are the best things to do at this place.

Visit Caves of Nerja

Experience something mysterious and unique by visiting Nerja caves in Malaga, which is a chain of huge caves spread over 5 kilometres. The world’s largest stalagmite is also there which make this site worth visiting. You can capture the best memories with your friends here. Go by car or bus. If you need to rent a car, check prices here: https://www.autospain.co.uk/city-malaga/. You can pick up the car in the city or at the airport.

Eat grilled sardines

Go, eat and enjoy the grilled sardines as you will never forget its taste and aroma in the company of your friends. It is the must-do the thing in Malaga with your friends, and these sardines are freshly caught and grilled which taste so well.

Arrange picnic to Botanical garden

Get a relaxed and unforgettable time with your friends by planing a picnic trip to the botanical garden which is worth visiting in all seasons. The beaches, beautiful flowers, landscapes, vegetations and courses make it the best place to gather memories in Malaga.

Take a bath at Hammam al Andalus

Though it is an expensive activity, of course, not something to be missed as great charm and pleasure are attached with the unique Arabian bath experience. The five thermal baths, body massage and Nazari decoration, provide great peace of soul, mind and body.

Plan a party

Parties at Feria de Malaga is the best things you can do with your friends during your trip. This largest fair offers excellent activities which you will never forget for the lifetime. The re-conquest of Andalusian, party with flamenco and sherry will be a source of great fun.

Feel the emotions of Flamenco Music

Go and enjoy the fabulous Flamenco music with your friends with the excellence dance presented to the audience. The passion comes with this music and dance is famous and attracts everyone to enjoy this.

Go to Marbella

Visit and enjoy the quality time where the Moorish culture is mingled with the world-class resort amenities. You will enjoy the exceptional options, including the water rides, different water activities and favourable climate.

Picasso museum

Picasso Museum is a great place where you can inspire by the significant artists and their works. You will surely have a quality and memorable time with your friends while discussing the legendary artworks.