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Book a hotel room for a day? It is now possible!

Have you ever realised that many hotel rooms are empty for a large part of the day? People can check in from 15:00 but rarely do so. They should also have left by 11:00 or 12:00 but not everybody stays in the room until that time. Given the amount of unused space, it is very convenient that hotel rooms can now be booked by the day. Do you want to know what you can use a hotel room for during the day? In this blog article, we give you two examples. 

Change your workspace 

We have had to work at home so much in the past two years that it can sometimes be nice to work somewhere else. A day hotel is the perfect location for this. Just think about it: no children around you, no partner around you, no colleagues around you, but the ultimate peace and freedom to do whatever you want. You can finish your work in no time with this oasis of calm, so that during the breaks you can enjoy all the other facilities that a hotel offers. Think for example of a nice lunch in the restaurant or an hour of relaxation in the swimming pool or sauna. In the evening you are back home to take care of the kids and your partner, only this time a lot more relaxed. 

In case of missed or canceled flight: escape the airport 

Another time when you’d much rather be in a hotel for a few hours than wandering around aimlessly is when your flight is delayed or cancelled. Spending hours at the airport is no fun, especially when there are more people affected and nowhere to sit. Then it is much better to spend your time in a day hotel. Here you can relax and enjoy all the facilities a hotel has to offer. Take a relaxing bath, a long shower, a good night’s sleep and before you know it you’re sitting on a good plane.  You have a nice place to spend some time and the hotel room is not empty unnecessarily, ideal! 

Get a Day Room

Booking a room has never been as easy as it is now. There is a website that shows you in one overview which day hotels are available. The great thing about booking with ‘Getadayroom‘is that you’re not tied to anything, and you can cancel your room free of charge up until the last minute. Unexpected situations can always happen and then it’s nice that you’re not obligated to anything.