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 One week before launch: Send an email to remind your audience of upcoming events and their eligibility for secret deals or specials. 3 days before launch: Send another email to share the details of the transaction and let your supporters know the exact time of launch. Release day: Send an email at launch to let people know that it’s time to go live. A good release email has a strong call to action and a high-resolution photo to make people excited about the project. These early emails not only helped generate expectations. By providing different price points before launch, you can measure people’s reactions and get a true market estimate of the value of your product.


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Note: The guaranteed price is determined in a completely different way than the target price of the price list. The guaranteed price for the sales service is actually an average of previous bids on comparable cars. Selling a car through a sales service will give you an accurate and up-to-date picture of your likely earnings from the car. This value indication will be slightly lower than the amount “exchange at the car dealership” in the price list. In this case there is no trade-in, but a purchase.

Your personal data will only be used to sell services and not for any other purpose. After the expiry of the legal retention period, your personal data will be destroyed. We need your bank account to transfer money to you after the vehicle has been picked up. Cash payment is unfortunately not possible.


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