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Efficient groupage transport and benefits of freezing at Frigo Group

In the world of transport, groupage transport is an efficient way of combining several small loads into one big one. Frigo Group Transport uses this method to organise their transports to different countries even more efficiently. This leads to benefits such as a more favourable price/quality ratio for customers. In addition, Frigo Group offers specialised freezing facilities, where speed and correctness are essential for the quality of fresh products. With specialised staff and modern freezer storage facilities, they can keep meat, fish and other products at the right temperature. Curious about Frigo Group Transport’s main destination and groupage options? Read on!

What is groupage transport? What are the advantages of freezing at Frigo Group?

Groupage transport is the aggregation of several small loads into one large load in the transport world. This ensures that companies can easily transport their cargo and that transport is organised as efficiently as possible. Frigo Group Transport uses groupage transport to be even more efficient, given the large number of transports they organise daily to different countries. Customers notice this in the form of a more favourable price/quality ratio.

At Frigo Group, freezing has several advantages. For instance, they ensure a fast and correct freezing process, which is essential for the quality of fresh products. They have specialised staff and modern freezer storage facilities. Frigo Group also specialises in freezing fresh meat and fish. They have separate processing rooms that meet hygiene requirements. After the freezing process, the products are stored in holding cells. In addition, they also offer the ability to quickly bring products to a lower temperature in their shock freezers, for customers requiring a delivery temperature lower than -18┬░Celsius.

What is the main destination for Frigo Group Transport?

The main destination for Frigo Group Transport is Belgium. Especially the Brussels and Kortrijk regions have daily transport connections with Frigo Group Transport. Road transport to Belgium focuses mainly on machinery, but refrigerated/freezer trucks are also increasingly used. Frigo Group and Frigo Group Logistics organise daily road transport to Belgium, France and Spain. Besides FTL, groupage is an interesting option to reduce transport costs and increase efficiency. The planners, who speak both Dutch and French, demonstrate their added value on a daily basis. For more information about the Belgian transport connections and the possibilities in groupage, FTL/LTL, express transport, refrigerated transport and dedicated transport, please contact Frigo Group Transport.

Quick freezing of frozen goods

Quick freezing of frozen goods is very important to maintain their quality and freshness. Freezing food quickly preserves nutritional value and flavour and slows down the spoilage process.

When freezing quickly, it is important to maintain the right temperature. A freezer should have a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius or lower to ensure that goods freeze quickly. It is also important not to overcrowd the freezer compartment to allow air to circulate properly and keep the temperature even.

 It is also wise to pack frozen goods properly before freezing. Airtight containers such as freezer bags or trays ensure that no moisture or air can reach the food, preventing freezing damage.

In short, by freezing frozen goods quickly and properly, you can preserve the quality and freshness of the food so you can enjoy it for longer.