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How do you design an Instagram page in a consistent style?

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According to a new report from BlogLovin, Instagram is the most effective platform to engage with the public, with 60% of the 2,500 opinion leaders surveyed. And according to Brand Analytics, Instagram had nearly 15 million active contributors in January 2018.

Instagram has a huge impact on our lives and business, and today it’s hard to imagine a brand that wouldn’t be on this social network. A visually beautiful Insta page is no longer just a way to stand out, but a necessity. Therefore, now we will tell you how to design an Instagram page in the same style.

Stage photos, strong retouching, filters that distort reality are losing ground. Just take a look at Instagram Vogue to see this.

Their photos show bruises under the eyes, different looks and shapes, freckles and skin problems. The world is moving away from the glossy perception of appearance, and that’s fine. The refinement of the photos gives way to simplicity, the feeling of a living frame and emotions.

Ordinary stories have already become boring for discerning users, and in 2019 stories are becoming a separate kind of art: such stories can be made in different applications, which we will talk about later.

Due to the rapid development of AR and VR technologies, interest in 3D graphics has increased significantly in 2019.

Supplementing photos with illustrations and various hand-drawn images is becoming increasingly relevant. I want to check out such accounts, it is interesting to look at them. This trend is especially popular in the fashion and beauty industry.

The aesthetic of the 90s will be replaced by kitsch in 2019, or as it is also called the “camp” style. Kitsch is gaining popularity in everything from art to clothing and interior design.

How to style an Instagram header

The profile header is the first thing a person sees when they visit your page. In addition, this information helps to find you looking, which means it can attract new subscribers. That is why it is very important to take your time and design a header correctly on Instagram.


Choose the nickname so that users can find you easily when searching. If you already have a page and the nickname seems too complicated, change it so that the keyword stays, but the name is easier to read.

Profile description

Here you have a whopping 150 characters to maximize the interest of a potential subscriber. The description depends a lot on the type of activity, but here are some general tips:

Write in the language your target audience uses. Specify how to contact you: telephone, instant messengers, e-mail. Add an offer.


Instagram is constantly evolving, and today one more thing has been added to the profile header design: saved stories or highlights. These stories are always in sight – meaning it will be easy for subscribers to find and watch them.

  • Catalog of goods or services;
  • Presentation: you can tell about yourself, your products, important events, etc.;
  • Answers to questions;
  • Customer reviews.

It is important that Highlights are combined with the visual design of the account, and their name clearly explains what the person will find when they open this folder …

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