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How to find scientific sources for your thesis or journal piece?

Have you ever wondered how you can find scientific sources for your thesis or journal piece? Have you ever wondered how you can reach more people and engage them in your research?

Have you ever wondered why you spent hours or days designing a poster that was only displayed for a couple of days?

The answer to all the above is Abstract Tube. It is the only dedicated video publishing platform for academic and research abstract videos in different disciplines. According to the founder Sarbojeet Jana “a short 3-5 minute abstract video gives one the opportunity to summarize and illustrate the key findings in the thesis, journal article, conference paper or any research project. From the citation perspective, most online video abstract citations are not done correctly. Therefore, a service like Abstract Tube is necessary to resolve these issues.”

But what does a video abstract has to offer more than a typical written abstract? It has been proven that a video can engage readers more easily than text.Our contact with technology has shortened our attention spans and people are looking for ways to get as much information in as little time as possible. Furthermore in a video abstract, authors can describe their work in a way that is not possible to do in print—such as showing their experimental methods or explaining their motivations for the study.

Abstract tube at the moment is primarily a software and services company which works as an online platform to upload and publish academic videos but in the future they aim to offer services for video production, script writing, background music creation and others. As more and more new young scientists use videos one thing becomes certain; that Abstract Tube can revolutionize the way we research and share knowledge.