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Invest in a people counting solution

Investing in a footfall solution is valuable in many different ways. It provides the tools to save money, gain important insights and reliable data, enhance customer experience and optimise operations. Obtaining trustworthy and high-quality footfall data is key to making effective business decisions. A variety of people counting devices can be used, depending on the situation. Based on the needs in your commercial environment it is possible to choose from the following devices: infrared beam counter, thermal counter, 3D stereoscopic counter, Wi-Fi / Bluetooth counter. Each device has its own benefits in certain areas.

Who uses people counters?

People counting is interesting in many different types of businesses and activities. Footfall data will provide the insights to make informed business decisions in areas such as:

  • Retail stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Stations and public transport
  • Streets and cities
  • Festivals
  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Sporting venues

How people counting can improve business in retail

People counting can most definitely increase sales opportunities. If you think about online retailers for example, it is no surprise that website traffic and transaction data are fundamental. All business decisions are based on large amounts of online data. It is this aspect that brick and mortar stores can learn a great deal from their online counterparts by transforming data into actionable insights. We have summed up two great ways in which retailers can use the data from people counting systems to drive sales in their retail store or shopping mall.  

1.      Measure the success of marketing efforts

If you are running a specific marketing campaign you can measure if there are more people coming into the store, if conversion ratio is higher and what the influence is of window displays and in-store promotions. Important here is that you need benchmark data to compare the difference before and after the launch of the marketing effort. This benchmark data is the data you get from your footfall counting device.

2.      Optimise staff allocation

Using people counting data you will get to know the shopping habits of your customers and you are able to plan your staff efficiently so you can keep all customers happy and served at all times, even in the busiest hours. We all know that big queues in shops will cause customers to leave without purchasing anything. Even worse, the long queues will affect customer experience negatively and make it less likely that they will return in the future. By determining the busiest hours you can reach the full potential of your staff allocation.