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Medicinal mushrooms

The benefits of medicinal mushrooms

If you think about mushrooms, you either think of magic mushrooms (pschycadellics) or a funghi pizza.. But what if we told you that mushrooms have much more to offer to us!

Many mushrooms have a healing element. That is why they also go by the name of medicinal mushrooms. Let us tell you more about this and the different types of medicinal mushrooms.



The Reishi mushroom is called “Lingzhi” in Chinese, which means “mushroom of immortality”. Unfortunately, you will not become immortal after taking the dose of this mushroom, but it does help you in many different ways. They help your body deal with the negative effects of stress, such as increased inflammation, depleted energy levels, damaged blood vessels and various types of hormonal imbalances. Basically what they do is strengthen your immune system and help create white bloodcells that fight off all bad cells in your body. Though the reishi mushroom can be eaten raw, it is also possible to powder it and put it into dose and pills. This way, most of the elements stay preserved.

It stabilizes blood sugar and fights allergies and asthma.



Turkey Tail

No need to guess where this one comes from… The Turkey Tail, also known as Coriolos Versicolor, is a real booster for the immune system. Because of the strong antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties present, this mushroom modulates the immune system to act in a stronger way of fighting infections and germs. Being rich in Vitamin E, it also acts towards making the skin better and cleansing it naturally. That’s a nice treat too.

Lion’s Mane

Pretty cool name huh.. Studies show that this type of mushroom do not turn you into a lion, but they do make you pretty strong. The funghi derive their name from the way they look in nature: they are small white pieces that hang down together like hair, having the form of a mane. The mushroom has health benefits that include a better memory, better brain function and lower cholesterol.


All in one place

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