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Nanoparticle research for product development

Nanoparticles are increasingly being used to improve the performance of specific products. A nanoparticle has a size between 0 and 100 nanometres. Therefore, not every nanoparticle is suitable for every product. For the desired effect, the size of the particles is important. At Solids Solutions we have different methods to measure the size of particles accurately. We carry out nanoparticle testing and research and are also concerned with the properties of powders. You can contact us when you get stuck in the development process of your product.

B E T surface analysis of nanoparticles

By means of a b e t surface area analysis of nanoparticles, various properties of the particles can be determined. This method uses an inert gas that is adsorbed onto the surface of a solid. Nitrogen is usually the most suitable, but for some substances argon or carbon dioxide work better to achieve an accurate result. In this way, not only the B E T surface can be calculated, but also the pore volume and the pore size distribution, for example. The properties of nanoparticles and powders can also be investigated in other ways. For this purpose, we have various methods and techniques at our disposal in our laboratory.

Solids Solutions knowledge centre and academy

Solids Solutions advises on the development of products in the industry and looks for suitable solutions. We also share the knowledge we acquire through our research. We do this for example by giving presentations and organising seminars in the field of powder and particle technology. On our website, you can see the planning of all the events that will be organised. We also have a knowledge centre where you can find various documents and publications about our research. Do you want more information about what Solids Solutions does, or do you need advice? Then feel free to contact us.