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Wearing the right ankle support will provide you with comfort when experiencing pain within the joint. Typically, ankle support is required when you suffer from inflammation from this joint (such as ankle tendonitis) or a simple sprained ankle.

When You Need An Ankle Support

Ankle injuries occur when the joint experiences a mildly traumatic event that twists the ankle too far beyond its normal position. The outcome is a ligament strain and damage to the tissue surrounding the entire ankle joint. Our ankles are connected with all aspects of human movements – such as running, turning, jumping, or walking. Most of our ankle injuries occur during sporting activities, and the severity of the injury will depend on whether the affected ligaments were merely stretched, partly or entirely torn, or if an ankle fracture occurs.

How Ankle Supports Can Help You

Ankle braces are designed to support your ankle and alleviate injuries caused by strain or other vigorous activity. Given that the ankles support our entire weight, they can be further protected during intense physical activity by wearing an ankle support. Supports work by acting as a protective buffer for your ankle arising from external forces during exercise, such as changing direction quickly when running. They act to provide a tight enclosure to minimise ankle movements that will extend the ligaments and tissues previously damaged.

How Does An Ankle Support Work?

An ankle brace or support is advised for those who regularly engage in physical activities that can overwork and overextend your ankles – typically, this involves sports. An ankle support has stabilisers on both sides of the ankle, positioned at a specific angle, so as to protect the ankle joint against sprains and overextension. They are easily adjustable, and some may even be worn inside sporting footwear, such as football and tennis.

Can An Ankle Brace Provide Relief From Arthritis?

If you are suffering from swelling, stiffness or pain from ankle arthritis, certain ankle braces and supports can help to alleviate the discomfort. Certain elasticated braces help support the overall joint, reducing your arthritic pain and subsequent inflammation. Reducing the swelling will improve your ankle range of motion, and your balance. Formal research indicates that exercise is required to manage ankle arthritis, and always seek advice from your professional healthcare provider.