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Prevent cold hands in the winter with heated gloves

Suffering from cold hands during the cold winter months? There are various solutions, including heated gloves. Heated gloves work using a powerful battery, and depending on the heating element, the entire hand is warmed to your liking. A great solution for those who are sensitive to cold weather or people who have to work outside all winter. One of the best brands who offer these types of gloves is BERTSCHAT®; the advantage of this provider is that they offer an extremely wide range of heated gloves.


The range of heated gloves, from the example above, ranges from mittens to under gloves. There are gloves with so-called ‘Single Heating’ and ‘Dual Heating’. The dual heated gloves have a heating surface twice as large, making these gloves inherently warmer. All heated gloves can be set to three different heat settings, allowing you to always set and adjust the desired temperature.


Already have good winter gloves? Then the heated under gloves might be a good option. These ‘Under Gloves’ are paper-thin and specially designed to be worn under your existing gloves. These are available in both ‘Single Heating’ and ‘Dual Heating’ variants. Also ideal for people who are required to wear working gloves, as these heated gloves provide a solution for that. Your own gloves automatically serve as an insulating layer, preventing heat loss.


As mentioned above, you can easily adjust the temperature using three different heat settings, with a simple press of a button. Under optimal conditions, the gloves can reach a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius. The higher the heat setting, the warmer the gloves become, but also the shorter the heating duration of the glove. If you plan on spending a whole day skiing or cycling, there is the option for a more powerful battery pack for these gloves. You can also choose to purchase an extra battery pack so you can heat continuously. This is usually chosen by skiers, as mentioned in the reviews. At the lowest setting, the heated gloves, based on a 2,600 mAh battery, heat for about 8 hours. At the highest settings, this is around 2 hours.


Reviews indicate that heated gloves are extremely useful on the coldest days of the year, also for people suffering from medical conditions such as Raynaud’s disease. It also provides a good solution for hobbies, such as cycling, hiking, fishing, skiing, and more outdoor activities. The insulation value and the heat setting always go hand in hand; it is comparable to the insulation of a house. You can crank up the heating, but if you leave the windows open, the heat output has little effect on the temperature inside.