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There are millions of different websites on the internet, how can your customer find the right website? This is usually done via a search engine such as Google or Bing, someone enters a keyword or several keywords and views the first results. When the website has a positive SEO score, it will be displayed high on the relevant search query. If the SEO score is not optimal, the person will not be able to find your website. What is SEO score and how can you make it higher? Contact Jakency today for your SEO.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a website is optimally designed for a high position in search engines for relevant search terms. The higher the SEO score, the higher the position on the search results page. It is possible that a competing company is higher in the search results than the company that is actually being searched for. In that case, the competitor has a better SEO score.


How can you increase the SEO score?

You create a website for the visitor on the one hand, and for the search engines on the other. Let’s focus on SEO for a moment and list some important points to consider:


The website must load quickly.

The website must display correctly on every device.

The metadata must be entered correctly.

The texts on the website must be written with the right keywords.

Relevant H-tags must be used.

The website must be of good quality with good navigation.

Images and video must be used.

These are a number of aspects that all ensure a higher SEO score, and thus increase the findability of the website.


seo checker