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Stepping up the pen game

Pwakkerman cross pens are cross pens known for being inexpensive and easy to produce, and for having a good fit. Cross pens have the ability to write sublimely in thin and fine pen with thick line or any other form of writing. Cross pens give you a great writing experience. They have a perfect shape, soft to write and better writing precision, so it is highly recommendable that you use these cross pens. You can find various types of cross pens that are available. In general, cross pens can be best placed into two categories, high-end pen and low-end pen. In low-end pens, you can use a fountain pen tip to get started, but after that, you need to change it to a cartridge pen tip.

Cross pens are by nature very simple and can be found from as cheap as $1 to as high as $7, there are even more expensive ones in this category. But these pens, in general, have amazing quality. You can find some cross pens that have a super heavy flex and can withstand up to 200 writing sessions, so it is highly recommended to purchase this kind of pens.

Revered: Montblanc

Other pens that are widely revered for their qualities are Montblanc pens, this is because of their unique look and because of the writing experience that they give you, which is unmatched in any other pen. Montblanc is also available in a wide variety of styles, so if you want a more versatile pen that can do almost anything, you should definitely consider Montblanc. The tool-less Montblanc refills is a unique innovation that ensures that the writing experience you get is clean, smooth and fast. It has a really fast ink release. When you want to fill the pen, the cap simply pops off, where you can see the bottom of the ink reservoir, and the water fills it up, then you just screw it back on and you can write all day without any issues.

The water resistance makes it easy to refill the pen, because water will not damage the ink. All you have to do is drain the reservoir, add some tap water, and tap the nib to get it going.

Although a bit on the more expensive side, beautiful gel fountain pens like the Montblanc Summit FT are really impressive in terms of writing quality and the feel of it on the fingers, so they are a good investment. The Montblanc is one of the most sought-after pens for any collector, and it also ranks high among the best luxury pens.

Other amazing pens

Another amazing pen is the Pwakkerman Parker jotter pen that allows the writer to write extremely fast, in a perfect and professional handwriting. It comes with premium engraving to assure a more authentic look. Pwakkerman is also sold in a variety of other variations, and this is another pen that makes great choices, since not all of its versions look the same.

For someone looking for more of a complete set the Lamy fountain pen set is the finest pen set in town. If you love luxury and quality writing experience the Lamy fountain pen set should be your next option, especially if you are a designer who needs to draft more than 100 sheets a day.