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These experts offer a high-quality SGT-400 industrial gas turbine for sale that fits your needs

Are you in need of an industrial gas turbine, such as an SGT-400 industrial gas turbine for sale? Skyline Turbine Services B.V. is eager to help you out! These experts do not only supply high-quality gas turbines, but they also repair and overhaul gas turbines and turbine support equipment. The specialists are ISO 9001 certified, which shows that the company meets the international requirements. They continuously improve their processes, and they oversee business risks to make sure they meet the demands of their customers. You will be sure to receive a high-class gas turbine, such as an SGT-400 industrial gas turbine. Would you like to know more? Then read ahead!

What is an SGT-400 industrial gas turbine?

Let us focus on the SGT-400 industrial gas turbine that these experts offer for sale. Skyline Turbine Services B.V. – a trustworthy company that is based in the Netherlands – offers first-class gas turbines. Besides that, their experts have a high level of knowledge and offer personal guidance. This way, you know you will always receive a reliable SGT-400 gas turbine. This gas turbine is able to burn various fuel types, such as liquids and gases. The machine is equipped with DLE burners, which means that the SGT-400 engines, can burn a maximum of 10 vol% of hydrogen. It is also possible to equip the SGT-400 industrial gas turbine with constant NOx emissions diffusion burners. This way, it is able to burn up to 65 vol% of hydrogen.

Contact the specialists for more information

In short, at these specialists you will find a high-quality gas turbine that fits your needs. The SGT-400 industrial gas turbine that they offer for sale is indispensable to any company that works in the oil and gas industry. Would you like to know more? Do not hesitate to contact these experts. You will find the contact details on their website.


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