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What it takes to be a referee

As a referee, you lead the game in the right direction. You know the rules like no other and take care of ensure that they are complied with. When this does not happen, you intervene. This way everyone knows  what he or she is up to. Players and spectators can focus on where it’s all happening.

It’s all about playing soccer. As a referee you are in the middle of the sport. You make sure that everyone enjoys the game. Moreover, leading matches is good for you personal development and condition. You learn to lead and deal with pressure.

As a referee you can go far. That depends to a large extent on your own ambitions and talent. Whistling is fun, on any level. Whether you’re Pupils, Juniors, on Saturday/Sunday ‘the ninth’, indoor soccer or professional soccer whistle; at every match it goes for something. No match without a referee.

It is important that you enjoy it yourself. In addition, many referees find that what they do on Doing the field also comes in handy for the rest of their lives and careers. For example, because they have learned how to deal with unexpected situations.

To be a referee it is very important that you are also able to communicate well with your assistants. This will be made a lot easier with a soccer referee radio headset, with which you can communicate with your assistants crystal clear and without any interruptions.