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4 New Years Resolutions for the Workplace

Starting the year right is important to most. Now 2020 is here, it gives us a chance to start fresh with a new outlook and set new goals. Setting a new year resolution goes further than just being personal. Use the new year, new month and new you title to set goals within the workplace to excel, succeed and grow.

Have you set your resolutions already? If not, it’s never too late. Changes can be made at any time, working towards a goal will keep you on track throughout the year with progress that can be monitored to give you that all important work motivation.

If you’re short of ideas, we’ve listed 4 resolutions to get you on track for the brand-new year ahead.

Learn something new

Suitable for both inside and outside of work. Learning a new task within the workplace, is a great way to extend your business knowledge, getting as much experience as you can under your belt. Asking for additional task also shows your interested in your job role and looking to take on new responsibilities.


A simple yet effective way to get your working day in order. Organisation can be used in several ways such as to-do lists, being prepared everyday and being proactive when information is required. Organisation allows you to arrange your workday, leaving your mind with a clear path on how the day will run.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

It’s a known fact that feeding your body the right nutrients will provide brain power. Switch the cake for the fruit and the caffeine for the water and your mind will be full of potential to power through the day with a focused mind. Not to mention, you’ll feel great too!

Set more than one goal

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your work goals, after all you have 12 months to see them through. Collate a list of what you wish to achieve with the amount of time you hope to have completed them by, giving you a year long timeline.

Working towards more than 1 goal will push you through, so in December 2020, you will have achieved more than you believed was possible.


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