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Add color to your old leather jacket!

If you want to add some color using shoe paint but you don’t know what paint is the better one. Then you’ll have to take a look at Angelus Leather paint. Angelus leather paint is by far the most used leather paint in the world. You can paint all kinds of leather with Angelus. Even if you would like to have a go at it on suede leather, you can. With specially manufactured suede paint. You do need a different paint for suede because suede has a lot of different karakteristics. Leatherpaint.co.uk can help you in you search for the right paint.

Angelus leather paint is of very high quality. This is why it can be used as a Shoe dye. This dye is acryl-based and incredibly sustainable. A coat of paint can be enjoyed for more than a couple of years. This paint has a good adhesion on the smooth leather surfaces. This dye is also easy manageble. Another couple of advantages are that this paint waterproof and wear- resistant is. These qualities are proof that Angelus makes a very decent product. Angelus has a renown reputation for it’s quality and has been or a number of years.

The suede leather is of very different quality than the regular leather. You will need a different kind of dye specially for this material. Luckily Angelus also makes this dye. The suede paint does not burst and break and the paint also keep it’s color very well intact. So what are you waiting for!

When looking for a new color or just some advie on the subject Leatherpaint.co.uk is the place to be.

If you want to spend a free afternoon creatively, you should definetely bring your old shoes back to live. Besides the usual colors they also offer bright neon colors. And if you’re not able to find whatever you need within the 150 existing colors, you could even try and make your own blend.