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Awesome Dutch bike lamp!

In a country with more bicycles than inhabitants, good bicycle lighting is very important. The annoyance of many cyclists is therefore a bicycle lamp that runs out (too) quickly. Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to manually change the bike light battery again? Hugo van de Watering came up with a solution for this. It introduced its first Rydon bicycle lamp in 2014, but since then the model has been adapted with an integrated solar panel that automatically charges the battery, an indestructible housing and handy theft screws.
Strong housing

Most bicycle lights these days are made of plastic, but that makes them very fragile. In fact, lights on a bicycle should be similar to lights on a car: robust and resistant to all outdoor conditions. That is why Van de Watering has developed a unique bicycle lamp with an aluminum housing of 3 mm thick that ensures that the lamp lasts as long as the bicycle itself. In addition, the metal housing is impact resistant, waterproof and permanently mounted against theft screws. The design also looks beautiful and futuristic and is also largely manufactured in the Netherlands.

Not only the housing of the bicycle lamp is sustainable, the energy is also generated in a sustainable way. The Rydon bicycle lighting is equipped with an integrated solar panel with which the lamp automatically charges itself and therefore always works. A fully charged battery also stores enough energy for up to 50 hours of light. And in the unlikely event that the battery contains too little energy, the cyclist will be warned in time by means of a flashing LED light. In that case, the bicycle lamp can be charged quickly and easily via the mini-USB port.
Light output

The Rydon bicycle lamp uses six efficient LED lamps and can be used in two different positions. In normal mode, the luminous flux is 50 lumens (for reference, the flashlight on an iPhone X also gives about 50 lumens in its brightest setting). And in boost mode, the light output is more than 300 lumens. Normal mode is ideal for an urban environment. The boost mode is comparable to the large beam of a car and can be used in a dark environment with little light, such as a forest at night. Want to know more about the Rydon bicycle lamp? Then watch the video below.