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Custom paintings that fit your interior seamlessly

Have you been looking for an abstract art piece that matches your house’s aesthetic? Look no further because Ellen De Vylder specializes in custom paintings for such occasions. Each and every painting this artist creates, is an original piece. The choice of colours and size is up to you, so make it completely your own by infusing your request with your own desires and wishes. She uses art as an escape from reality and the stress that accompanies our daily life. She creates her art to offer you a refuge as well. Detach yourself by immersing yourself in artful environments, including your own home. If so desired, she can make a very large art piece but as mentioned previously the size is completely your choice.

Abstract art lovers unite for this artist’s work

Ellen specializes in abstract art, which consists of different shapes that don’t resemble something from reality. Therefore it offers you a dreamy piece of art that invites you to study it and immerse yourself in its magic. Where does she get the inspiration for her paintings? For Ellen, it is quite simple: she lives life and this is where she discovers certain feelings or colours that inspire her. Why would you order custom paintings from this artist? Besides her talent and passion for her art, she also puts the reigns in your hands. Not only will she do her best to create exactly what you had in mind, she will also keep you in the loop throughout the process. It is pivotal that you communicate clearly and honestly. That is how you will end up with the best painting after the personal process.

Ask her about the possibilities

Are you curious to know what exactly is possible? Do not hesitate in contacting her to inquire about what she might be able to do for you. Something we are able to tell you in advance: her custom paintings take about four to six weeks to finish. So you see, creating art takes time. If you are curious to see some examples of her previous work: there is a portfolio on her website. Besides that, she is quite active on her social media accounts, mostly on Instagram and Pinterest. Get artful with Ellen!