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Transport and Transportation

Do you want an expert to take care of your EU transport from the packaging to the distribution?

Then you should partner up with Y&O! They are the door-to-door expert for freight management and contract logistics. They arrange your EU transport in a quick and efficient matter. Besides that, they always think along with you and offer the best possible solutions for your transport needs. If you trust Y&O with your EU transport, you will never be on your own – even if you think that your transportation needs are not feasible because of a pressing deadline.

Endless possibilities to transport your goods with

This company understand what it takes to get your cargo from point A to B. They have over 12 years of experience and are able to arrange all types of transportation with the help of their extensive network. They completely unburdening you when it comes to your international distribution. They start with listing to your wishes. Do you want to ship to the United kingdom this week? Or want to pick up some pallets in Spain tomorrow? They handle everything for you. From customs formalities to distribution and transport itself. For the transport itself, they offer a list of options. Think about sea freight, air transport and automobile transport.


Short communication lines

Communication lines are short, and contact is personal when you partner up with this company. You are not a number to them: they know your name, monitor the status of your shipment closely, and keep you informed. They always think along with you and let the cooperation run flexible and smoothly.

Get in contact with them

Do you want them to take care of your EU transport from the packaging to the distribution? Do you have last-minute transport or would you like to know more about the services this company has to offer in the area of international transport and distribution? Give them a call or request a quote.