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Energise your household with the standard double A battery

A double A battery is also known as the LR6 or a Mignon battery. The voltage of this battery is 1.5V and therefore the power behind a lot of commonly used household items. It is applicable for miscellaneous applications in your household. Think of the TV remote, the kitchen scale, alarm clock, electrical toothbrush and so much more. Think about the children’s toys. Many toys work with a double A battery to create lights, sounds and music to keep them occupied. Safe to say that a double A battery is indispensable in your household, whether it is for your kitchen utensils or the kids’ toys.

Make sure you are never without batteries thanks to a stock price

Thanks to the extraordinary quality of the batteries, the energy of this double A battery is stored for up to 5 years. This means you have guaranteed power from the day of purchase to 5 years after. A double A battery is a portable energy source that is highly reliable. Because of its wide applicability, it may be convenient to have some batteries in stock, just in case one of your household items needs some fresh energy. At 100%PeakPower there are different pack sizes available that become cheaper as the purchase quantity increases. These are the prices per double A battery:

  • A 4-pack: £0,62 per battery
  • A 20-pack: £0,30 per battery
  • A 40-pack: £0,22 per battery

Fill up your stock and get your order delivered free of charge

Make the choice for reliable and long-lasting batteries and order your stock immediately. At 100%PeakPower they deliver orders above £15 free of charge. Have you ordered a double A battery pack before 3pm? Then you are guaranteed of next-day delivery for your order. Especially convenient when you have a lot of household items that need new batteries.