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Enjoy the materials of wholesale upholstery fabrics

Have you heard about wholesale upholstery fabrics yet? Let us tell you more about this specific kind of textile. The stocked wholesale upholstery fabrics of Symphony Mills have a wide variety of benefits. First of all, when you decide to order online, the delivery time is faster than you would expect. That’s because the company has more than 5 million of fabric stocked in one of their international hubs. This gives you the opportunity to start redecorating with wholesale upholstery fabrics right away. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, they have the right fabrics available online.

The right fabric for every manufacturer and wholesaler

From wovens to velvets, did you know that Symphony Mills has more than 70 different fabric designs available? A great variety of wholesalers and curtain, sofa and bedding manufacturers have already relied on their wholesale upholstery fabrics. With the right fabric and application possibilities, you can always customize the design of your choosing. Make your choice between coatings, laminations and backings for the safety and utility of wholesale upholstery fabrics. Every client can choose between fire retardancy, easy to clean technology, stain repellency, fabric printing and backings for customised fabric applications. 


Are you interested? Contact the company

It’s clear that investing in the right wholesale upholstery fabrics is worth your time. It’s a non-complicated way to completely transform a specific room or complete interior. Whether you need help with ordering wholesale upholstery fabrics or just want to know more about the company, their professionals are here to help you with everything. Get in touch with Symphony Mills to get started. You can find the right contact information on the website of the company. Give them a call, send them an e-mail or fill in their online contact form. They have a lot of expertise in wholesale upholstery fabrics!