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Modern libraries

Modern libraries are supposed to run for long hours, and because of this, they have been forced to adopt modern technology. Some aspects of the management of the institutions can now be handled automatically, thanks to library system providers like Dialoc ID. But what exactly does this company offer?


Support for Library Staff

The company offers electronic library systems to library staff. One of the most important staff solutions is the staff station. This station helps to optimise the working space of the staff, and it can ease the process of checking in and checking out.

The staff can also be equipped with RFID inventory scanners which can enhance the process of managing the available books and media. To protect privacy in the library, the staff can use RFID readers. These readers will only allow access to people who have personnel cards. It is worth noting that the protection of data is a requirement from the EU.

All libraries offer membership cards to their customers, but traditional barcode cards can come with multiple issues. The company issues RFID membership cards in different versions and styles


Self-Service Solutions

Self-service in libraries is crucial in today’s society. With their self-service solutions, you will be able to automate the processes of giving and receiving books and media. These solutions will make logistics a lot more straightforward.

These solutions will make it necessary to enhance security in the library. Dialoc ID offers solutions to catch any unauthorised movements of items. Any books and media that have not been checked out properly will be detected by the systems, and this will allow the staff to take action.



Dialoc ID offers its library solutions to institutions all around the world. Their services will ensure that your company runs efficiently and in