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Where can I buy MontBlanc pens online and offline?

When you want a pen that writes neat and comfortable, you should definitely buy a Montblanc ballpoint of fountain pen. Do you now ask yourself the question: ‘Where can I buy these MontBlanc pens?’ The answer is very simple. At P.W. Akkerman, located in the city of Amsterdam, you find a large collection of this high-quality brand. This company specializes in high quality writing equipment, so the employees are very knowledgeable about Montblanc and all its pens. Moreover, you can not only buy these pens in Amsterdam, but also in the online shop of P.W. Akkerman. In this way, this fantastic writing material is available for everyone worldwide.

Some history and facts about Montblanc

All the MontBlanc pens, including the ballpoint, mechanical pen and fountain pen, are known worldwide as classic, unique and luxurious. But what is the history of this famous brand? In the beginning of the nineteenth century, the company Montblanc was founded in Germany. At first, the company produced only fountain pens. A very famous fountain pen is the so called ‘Meisterstück’, that has been released in different versions with their own special upgrades. In the pens, the number 4810 is engraved, which refers to the height of the eponymous European mountain. If you are wondering: ‘where can I buy these famous MontBlanc pens?’ Then P.W. Akkerman is definably the right place to visit.

Discover more facts

Do you like the facts about Montblanc and do you want to know more of them? So, are you wondering: ‘Where can I find more information about MontBlanc pens and buy them?’ Well, by now you should know the answer is: at P.W. Akkerman. The employees of this store can tell you everything about each Montblanc ballpoint, fountain pen and all other pens. Is it impossible for you to visit the store in Amsterdam? Then just contact them by phone. They are very willing to help you.