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Where can you use solar for?

In daily life, there are a lot of activities, for which you can make use of solar. The use of solar is perfect if you want to save some costs. You can use solar for heating your home, dry the laundry, and help you with cooking. However, there are many more ways in which you can apply solar. The use of solar doesn’t have to costs a lot of money. Ultimately, the use of solar will return you it’s investment. This is why we would like to tell you more about how you can use solar in an efficient way!


Solar compacting bins

A solar-powered compacting bin is a smart bin that reads when the bin is full of waste. This is a very efficient way of collecting waste, as the bin doesn’t have to be emptied that often as regular bins. These solar compacting bins are increasing the capacity up by 5 till 8 times. Especially for sites where there is a lot of waste production, this is a great solution! The bins obviously runs on solar. They include a battery, which can be charged by the solar panel. When the battery is fully charged, the reserve lasts for approximately 3 till 4 weeks! Therefore, it’s not a surprise that we see more of this bins in town centers, shopping malls, beaches, parks and other traffic areas.


Solar in transport

Solar can be perfectly used in the transport. Over the last few years, many production companies have designed electric transport vehicles, that can be charged through the use of solar panels. The Means of transport that are equipped with solar panels, have the ability to drive or travel more kilometers as opposed to transport that runs on fuel. This also saves on the cost of fuel, plus less fuel is emitted. This contributes to a better environment. With transport on solar, you can think of cars, boats and airplanes.


Solar panels in devices

Solar panels can also be used in small appliances in and around the house. For example you can think of calculators, smartphones, traffic signs and parking meters. These small solar panels can be used for multiple purposes. Each panel derives its energy from the sun. This way, you can prevent your devices running out of energy. Think about a power bank on solar for example. If you didn’t charge your phone, the power bank basically always works. Therefore, you always have an energy source at hand in cases you need it.